Summer School Deadlines & Fee

Summer School Deadlines 

  • Pre-selection participants:
    Early registration: Until 21 May 2015.
    Early registration & Pre-selection  fee (not refundable): 25,00 €.
  • Selected participants & Registration:
    22 May 2015 Announced selected candidates List
  • Registration deadline:
    27 May 2015
  • The tuition fee must be paid at least 1 week prior to the start of the programme for each Module. 


Deadline & Fees

Enrolment has begun for our Summer Modules with the following dates

Summer 2015: 1 June – 18 September 2015

Summer Module I : 1 – 13 June 2015
Summer Module II : 22 June –  8 July 2015
Summer Module III : 20 July –  3 Aug. 2015
Summer Module IV : 24 Aug. –  28 Aug. 2015
Summer Module V : 14 Sept. –  18 Sept. 2015

For summer modules, choose your own 2 to 8 week study programme by deciding on the day you want to start and whether you want to stay for 2, 3 or even 8 weeks in Palermo (Italy). See in the following table: Deadline and Fee for each single Module and for Special Education Cost.

For PhD students a bonus of 500,00 Euros will be applied on the fees for each Module or Special Education costs.

Payment Terms

The pre-selection fee of 25,00 € is a non refundable fee.

A registration fee must be paid upon confirmation from Examination Committee about your participation within May 30, 2015. This amount is refundable exclusively in case of non-activation the Course/Module and will be deducted from your tuition fee.

The tuition includes all lectures, the trip of Palermo for the First Module, and handed out materials (handbook, certificate, copied lecture material), transportation directly connected to the programme (day shuttle bus service from the Palermo City–Center up to Utveggio Castle and back to the town centre at end of works), lunch during the course, social events with dinner on the last Friday of each module and the two Certificate Ceremony dinners.

The last instalment payment for the entry fee of every Module must be paid at least 1 week prior to the start of the programme.

In case of non-payment of one or more instalment payment fee or delayed payment of the registration fee, the Director of the CERISDI via the Programme Director reserves to the right to revoke the confirmation and withdraw the participants from the applicable session. If such a revocation/withdrawal occurs, the registration fee shall be refunded after the deduction of CERISDI’s administrative costs.

Payments can be made by money transfer. 


Bank Details

(90141) PALERMO Via R. Settimo 26
CONTO INTESTATO A CERISDI – Centro Ricerche e Studi Direzionali- 
ABI 02008
CAB 04642
CONTO 000300375746
IBAN IT 69 A 02008 04642 000300375746

Payment Details

All the names and the information must be clearly stated on the bank transfer and payment receipt (in registration form), in order for the Organizing Secretariat to trace and acknowledge payment. Full payment of the total costs should be made in EURO (payments in any other currency will not be accepted). Currency exchanges or bank fees have to be paid by the registrant.

Selection procedure:

Applicants are not required to hold formal qualifications in English in order to take part in the programme.
Applicants are not necessary required previous knowledge in forensic field for taking part at the different modules.
Participants interested in applying at the Advanced Courses, DNA & Forensic, have to submit an online registration including Curriculum Vitae in English or in Italian, Copy of international passport (preferably) or identification card, Signed Letter of Motivation in English or Italian and Copy of the transfer receipt.

Selection procedure will be done within 22 May 2015

Class size: is limited to 35 participants / Module in order to maximise knowledge through active class participation. The minimum of participants should be 10 / Module.